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Au Pair Danmark

Au Pair Danmark - is a informative community for people who are looking for information regarding Au Pair Program in Denmark.
For being able to obtain the necessary information, it's not obligatory to register on site.

Au Pair Danmark is NOT an agency.

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picture 16-06-2016 

If you want to work or study in Denmark

As a foreign national, you can be granted a residence permit in order to study or work in Denmark. Your residence permit must be granted before your arrival in Denmark.

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Rules about holiday for au pair

So far as the right to holiday is concerned, the relationship between you and your host family is regarded as an employer/employee relationship and is subject to Danish regulations covering the right to holiday and holiday pay. Two Holiday models exist that may apply to you as an au pair with your host family and between which you and your host family mus...

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Au Pair in Norway

If your au pair contract in Denmark comes to an end, you are entitled to continue your au pair position in Norway. But you must apply for an au pair placement in advance, at least 5 month before expiration of Danish visa.


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Au Pair Network

Au Pair Network takes a holistic approach when working to prevent and thereby reduce the number of problems and conflicts for au pairs and host families. Among other things, Au Pair Network offers councelling for au pairs and host families and mediation between au pairs and host families.

picture 16-06-2016 

Residence in Denmark for EU citizens and EEA nationals

As an EU citizen you can freely enter Denmark and stay in the country up to three months without a certificate of registration. If you seek employment, you may stay in the country for up to 6 months without a certificate of registration. The periods of 3 and 6 months are determined on the basis of the date of your entry.

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Danish language courses on the Web

A list of Internet language courses with Free access. The courses do not require any books. The courses have various levels and methods of instruction, so you need to find the one that is most suitable for you.

picture 16-06-2016 

Termination of residence permit

The Immigration Service may revoke or refuse to extend your residence permit if the grounds on which it was granted no longer apply, for example if you break your au pair contract.

picture 16-06-2016 

Residence cards with biometric features

After 20 May 2012, all non-EU citizens over the age of 18 applying for residence permits under the terms of the Aliens Act must have their biometric features (facial image and fingerprints) recorded when submitting their application. Biometric features will also be recorded when applying to renew a residence permit and when applying for permanent residence.

picture 16-06-2016 

Extension of a residence permit

As an au pair, you can be granted a residence permit for a maximum of 24 months, but no longer than the duration of your au pair contract. Your residence permit cannot be extended beyond 24 months.

picture 16-06-2016 

As a student in Denmark

Danish education system and Danish education institutions If you consider moving to Denmark in order to go to school, study or work in the education sector, you need to look into practical matters such as work and residence permits, and also insurance and social security.