How It Works

The following steps will help you navigate around the Au Pair Denmark website. If you do experience any technical issues, please, feel free to contact us.

Few simple steps will get you started right away: Create a profile forward Search forward Communicate forward Sign a contract

assignment_indRegistration and Profile Creation
  • check_circleTo start creating your Au Pair or Family Profile you must register an account. Registration is very simple and convenient.
  • check_circleCreate Au Pair or Family Profile, adding as much detail as possible as this will make your profile more interesting. To obtain the optimal results, it's best to be honest about things that you like or dislike and to submit a friendly picture of you/your family.
  • check_circleBest way to find suitable Au Pair/Family is to use Profile Matching, where system will list candidates based on the requirements listed in your own pfofile.
  • check_circleAnother way to find match is to search via our simple search system. Search Panel will help you search profiles based on your search parameters.
  • check_circleWhen you found an interesting Au Pair/Family profile, you can contact them from their profile page.
  • check_circleTo be able to make the first contact with other profiles, you must have an active profile and have a premium subscription.
  • check_circleYou can always reply to the messages addressed from other profiles, regardless of premium subscription.
  • check_circleAll correspondence can be found in your Mailbox
  • check_circleImportant messages can be marked as favorites.
  • check_circleOnce you have found your perfect match (Au Pair/Family), arrange to make a further contact, preferably an interview on the phone, Skype or even in person. We would encourage that it should be an unhurried process, by taking your time to get to know each other and plan to speak, at least, a couple of times. It is always advisable to make a list of questions prepared before you speak.
border_colorSign a contract
These are typical steps for signing a contract:
  1. Family starts filling the contract and complete Part 2 and 3 of the form (Application Form AU1)
  2. Before submitting the application, the host Family must create a Case Order ID and must normally pay a fee. The Case Order ID must be stated in the application.
  3. The family sends the Copy of Paid Fee Receipt together with filled and signed contract AU1 to the Au Pair.
  4. Au Pair then complete Part 1 of the form (Application Form AU1), signs it, attaches additionally required documents and submits complete application to the embassy.
  5. The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration will process the case within 2 month time and will first inform the Host Family about the decision. Au pair will be informed either by the Embassy or/and by Host Family.
  6. Au pair then should prepare to travel (The Family is responsible for Au Pair’s arrival ticket to Denmark, if the Au Pair arrives from a country outside the EU/EES or Switzerland)
new_releasesUseful Tips
  • new_releasesTo improve position of your profile in the search results, you can use the "Bump Now" button at the edit profile page. Bump will move your profile to the top of search results.
  • new_releasesYou can disable your profile visibility by making your profile "Inactive" at the edit profile page. This means your profile will be not visible on the site and other users can't reply to your messages. You won't be able to contact other users from their profile pages, as well as not receiving notification mails about new messages.
  • new_releasesTo prevent notification about new messages on the website, you have to turn off corresponding option at the edit profile page
  • new_releasesYou can hide your profile from search engines like Google, Bing etc., by turning on corresponding option at the edit profile page. Please note, it will take some time before changes take effect.
  • new_releasesTo see more information about messages (if it's been opened, replied etc.), you have to hover the mouse over the mail icon (near the recipients name) in the Mailbox outbox.
  • new_releasesTo Manage or Cancel the Premium Membership Subscription, please visit membership section at your account page. You can cancel your Premium Membership Subscription at any time, for any reason, and you will not be billed again. Once cancelled, your Premium Membership Subscription will remain active until the end of the billing cycle, but you will not be charged at the start of the next billing cycle.