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How to apply for Au Pair Visa
The Danish Immigration Service - how to apply for Au Pair Visa
Application form AU1 (English version)
To apply for a residence permit in Denmark as an Au Pair, both the applicant (Au Pair) and the host family in Denmark have to provide information for processing the application.
About Denmark
To aquaint you with Denmark and Danish society, the following paragraphs give you brief information about geography and climate; population and language; politics; economy; and education.
Coming to work or live in Denmark
When you come to Denmark for the first time to work or live, there are some important practical matters, you need to attend to.
The guide below will help you understand what you need to do.
Study in Denmark
What is it like to study in Denmark?
Each stay in Denmark is of course unique but you may find reading about other students' experiences useful.
Read interviews with international students or follow their blog. Learn from their experience of studying in Denmark.
The Danish education system
Here is a guide to the Danish educational system, both the ordinary system and the opportunities designed for foreigners.
Tuition fees and scholarships
Whether you are required to pay tuition fees will depend on your country of origin and whether you are participating in an exchange programme. Higher education in Denmark is usually provided free of charge for all EU/EEA students and for students who are participating in an exhange programme. All other students have to pay a tuition fee.
Danish Health and Medicines Authority
Providing information about authorisation and how to apply
Lov om ændring af udlændingeloven mod misbrug af Au Pair-ordningen
Udkast til Forslag foretaget af Udlændingelovskontoret den 27. februar 2007
(Styrkelse af indsatsen mod misbrug af au pair-ordningen)